Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Life in Lyman: The Incident

I had a meeting in town, some lab work at the hospital, and a quick lunch on the way home. Upon arriving home I found the TV & Hammer on the front porch with a note saying, "ReBirthday Gift." I really don't care that much about the Television, but something serious must have happened to cause "The Incident."

I slowly gathered my things from the car with my mind racing. I was afraid that I would find Brenda in the fetal position in our laundry room. My heart raced and I am sure that I was much more pale than usual. As I open the front door I saw Brenda helping the kids put a movie in our "Brand New VCR/DVD" on top of a "New TV." I was having a hard time putting all of the pieces together because I knew that my wife would never spend money on a TV. She was smiling, this is good. Then laughing. Everything seemed to be going OK.

It turns out that the TV, VCR/DVD was a gift from some very kind neighbors that had fun planning "The Incident" with my wife. I am sure that they laughed wickedly (Whoo Ha Ha Ha!). I know my wife did. 


mitchowl said...

Brenda's a hoot! That's priceless.

crazy lady said...

WooHoo! Now those are the kinds of "incidents" one likes to have! Congrats! and Enjoy!

fat celiac said...

Brenda is SUCH a keeper.