Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life in Lyman: Snip

My youngest daughter likes to cut hair. She use to scalp her sisters stuffed animals, but that ended in weeping, whaling and gnashing of teeth. It really was very traumatic. Her first "real" self inflicted haircut resulted in her long golden curls hidden under her bed, behind the couch, behind our old wood stove. Little locks of love for a whole drill team of Barbies. It happened over a period of time. Her hair was so curly it was hard to tell if she had cut her hair. The result was a really bad mullit. The second cutting episode (as far as we know) was less dramatic with a chunk of hair missing from her bangs. That is the way she looks today.

She has such a sweet disposition that it is difficult to get mad at her. If you do get mad she just lets it roll off and says something kind and loving back to you. Then when you least expect it, snip, snip. I just hope that she stays away from the stuffed animals.


fat celiac said...

Too cute.

I think she had some missing bangs when you visited last summer. A budding stylist that one.

Your stamp really looks very much like her too.

mitchowl said...

Little locs of love for Barbies...That's just priceless. I think I love that little one of yours. She sounds awesome!

scott e said...

I know something you do not know. She's not left handed.

The scissors are in the wrong hand. Bummer.

fat celiac said...

I'm going to pretend in true printmaker fashion, that you planned it right handed and then it reversed when printed!

too funny