Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Snowman Process-Day 1

I am beginning a series of four images that involve the same snowman in each of the four seasons. In my book, Un-Brella, a little girl can control the weather and so she can have a snowman year-round. Some of the illustrators out there may be interested in my process. I am saving key frames and making some basic comments. If you have questions I will try to answer them.

I start with a simple drawing that functions as a plan. I need to know the approximate size and placement of the elements.

Then I import the drawing into Adobe Illustrator as a template and use the drawing tools to construct the basic shapes.

Once the shapes are drawn I copy and paste each element into Adobe Photoshop individually as paths. I make a layer for each element (each tree, bush or snowman) and fill with a flat color. Then I convert them each into smart objects.

Then I add a drop shadow behind each layer to separate the different elements. At this point I can see the basic composition and move things around and adjust sizes as necessary.

I will have more progress tommorow.

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Amy C. Moreno said...

Cool Scott. It will be fun to see. I blogged it.