Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snowman process-Day 2(a)

Every once in a while I add a new layer and draw on top of the image and then save it. When I go back to AI (Adobe Illustrator) the template updates and I can create the additional parts that I need.

This is a screen capture from AI. It shows the template faded in the background with new vector shapes drawn on top.

The elements are copied in small groups from AI and pasted as paths in PS(photoshop). (I have painted each group a different color.) Each group is then converted into a smart object.

Because the elements are grouped as smart objects, when I double click on the layer icon in PS they open in a new window. I can have as many layers as I want in the new window, but when I save and close the window the layers appear flattened. I open each smart object and add basic color. The colors will change so for now the colors are just quick picks from the swatch pallet.

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J. E. Morris said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I really admire your work. It's neat seeing how others work. I'll have to go look up "smart objects" I've never used those before. (all the best with the new book!)