Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A Beginners Attempt at Book Promotion

I am getting started with the promotion of my first book and so everything is new to me. I have been handing cards with my web address out like candy, sending e-mails to friends and family, maintaining a web site, posting a book trailer to YouTube, blogging here on Blogger and on the Un-Brella page on Amazon.com, attending conferences and visiting libraries and bookstores. All of this and the book doesn't come out until April 3, 2007. I am really excited about Un-Brella and want to give it a chance.

It will be interesting to see what works. My book trailer was featured today on Book Trailer Park. I have made a DVD with the book trailer and a slideshow that I sent to the publisher. I had fun today making the packages and labels for the DVD. I sent them to my editor this afternoon.

I did find out that it is really easy to set up a book signing at Barnes and Nobel. I took my book in just to show the people in the children's department so that when it came in they would remember it. Within minutes I was asked if I wanted to do a book signing. The strange thing was that they didn't even look at my book before asking the question. Which means that anyone can get a book signing!

I wonder what will happen when the book comes out . . .

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