Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As a child my mother would not allow anyone to call me Scotty because she hated the name. She later realized (when I got my first drivers licence) that she had actually named me Scott E. Franson (Scott Edward Franson). The story gets even better. Shortly after I was married, my new wife and I were discussing possible names for children. I recommended Edward. Her response was passionate that she hated the name Edward because of some guy that she knew named Edward that she didn't like. After she calmed down she realized that I was suddenly quiet she recognized her mistake and said "Your middle name is Edward, Isn't it?" Needless to say none of our children are named Edward and my name is Scott E!


Kactiguy said...

I found your blog! I'll be checking in often. It was nice talking with you again. Great story too, Scott E.

Lisa said...

Similar thing happened to my dad...his name was originally Ricky, and he had it legally changed when he was 19. But his middle initial is E. and he puts it on everything, so he actually still goes by Rick E. Go figure!
P.S. Love your unbrella!