Monday, August 14, 2006

The Waiting Game

Well I feel like I am in limbo. My day job (teaching graphic design and illustration at Brigham Young University-Idaho) is finishing up for the summer term and this fall I will be on sabbatical. Times of transition are always scary and exciting. I will be spending the fall working full time as an author/illustrator. It will be a chance to see what it is like to spend most days locked away in my studio. I am hoping to have a new book contract and finish the book between now and the end of December. I have a manuscript sent out and have done one round of revisions so far. If the contract doesn't come through I am planning on making proposals for new books that will consist of a manuscript, dummy and two or three finished illustrations. They will be ready to submit and I will send them out as they are ready. The hardest part of the publishing business is all of the waiting. I need to get enough projects going that there isn't time to wait and worry and doubt my abilities.

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