Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UnBrella: The Final Proof

Well, today I saw and approved the final proof for UnBrella, my first book. It is being published by Roaring Brook Press.

It takes forever to get a book printed and into distribution. The tentative schedule is F&G's some time in October (F&G=Folded and Gathered, it is a printed book that hasn't been hard bound yet). The F&G's are used by the sales staff to sell books to bookstores and libraries and sent to reviewers before the book is bound. The Book should be through binding on December 12 in China. It will then be shipped to the US and arrive mid February. And then the day that we have all been waiting for March 6, 2007, UnBrella by Scott E. Franson will be at a book store near you!!

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Kactiguy said...

Wahooo! Can't wait for March.