Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life in Lyman: Toothless Fairy

Tooth number three came out yesterday morning. She is so excited about loosing teeth that she really worked on this one and it still had a pretty good root attached.

Now, you know the drill. Under the pillow, money in the morning. But the tooth fairy didn't come. Shame on the tooth fairy! The tooth fairy's spouse must have been out of town visiting family. That is the only explanation for a botched tooth heist.

" My tooth is still under my pillow! The tooth fairy didn't come. Oh well," said my Toothless Fairy with a smile. "Maybe the tooth fairy will come tonight."


mitchowl said...

I have horror stories about the incompetant tooth fairy at our house one involving coins being placed under the wrong child's head.

I wasn't sorry when my last child out grew all that.

mitchowl said...

Almost forgot, LOVE the overnight delivery stamp.