Monday, June 29, 2009

Life in Lyman: Scattered Sunshine

As we left for our doctors appointment/wedding/family reunion last week I locked the front door and walked past out front flower bed on the way to the car. We have been getting complements since the flowers started to bloom. I would take some credit, but all credit belongs to a kind neighbor who planted it for us when we were in Salt Lake recovering from Liver Transplant. The neighbor is the kind of gardener that plants with a ruler. All of the plants are just the right height and just the right distance apart.

That is why I was curious about the 50+ little green sprouts about one inch high scattered throughout the flower bed. I could tell that they were sunflowers. So on our drive I asked Brenda about the sunflowers in the flower bed she smiled and blamed it on my daughter who immediately gave her the credit for the idea. Scattered sunshine is growing among the meticulously measured and planned. I guess some randomness keeps life interesting.


fat celiac said...

Oh man, a garden planted by someone else that you can add too, that is very cool.
Random precision.

crazy lady said...

I LOVE that! I "used" to be able to garden but now have issues with arthritic thumbs and can't pull weeds or my hands are useless for days. So, the scattered sunshine is right up my alley. I love sunflowers.