Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life in Lyman: Not Math

Bad grades in Algebra. How can that be? It can be because she reads all day. We had to ground her from books.

It still didn’t work she kept reading in class. So Brenda set the plan into action. She gave the teacher permission to take the book and then sing (to the tune of If your Happy and You Know It) I am the meanest mom in the world.


crazy lady said...

I not only used to read with a flashlight in bed under the covers (until my mean mom took it away) but I would get up and crouch by the night light in my younger sisters room to read the night away.
I'm not very good at math.

mitchowl said...

Math is highly overrated anyway. Mathmaticians are the ones who come up with all those statistics about how much you're going to need math, right? I rest my case. (don't tell my husband I said this, he's a math teacher.)

fat celiac said...

As a compulsive reader who also cannot do math I commiserate. I too read by flashlight and stayed up all night.
I cheated my way through highschool algebra after several unsuccessful"tutoring" attempts with my brother.
Passing college math is another long story, but by then I sure wished I hadn't cheated in highschool!

The math story could really be titled "Why I am an artist".

Tinting Toronto said...

I'm a software developer and I read a lot too and I'm also horrible at math. Not sure what makes people think programmers are good at math but from my experience the only programmers which are good in math are the ones that study game programming. That's all.