Monday, June 15, 2009

Life in Lyman: Pretty in Pink

"What if everything in the world were pink?" said my five year old. "The Flowers, and grass, and trees, and clouds. Would you like that mom?"

"No." said Brenda.

"Oh yeah," she said, "Then boys wouldn't like it."

I agree.

As a boy I have vivid memories of pushing my Tonka Truck around the block. Ku chunk, Ka chunk, Ka chunk, as I ran over the cracks in the sidewalk. I could feel the vibration in my teeth the whole time hearing the grinding of metal against metal and the grit of the plastic wheels on concrete. It is such a good memory that it makes me think in order for life to really be good, some things just have to be yellow.

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crazy lady said...

I have to agree. Not just about the yellow, but about different periods of life tied in with specific colors. I had a very distinct spring green phase, a peach and a robin egg blue phase while growing up. Now I just like color period.
(I'm thinking about a reunion "snake" revenge...that doesn't involve snakes).