Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life in Lyman: Ginger's Udder End

There were attempts to milk Ginger. While I would have nothing to do with it, it was an interesting adventure for the three days that it happened.

Day one: 1/2 cup milk, stepped in - we fed it to Whiteout.

Day two: 1/2 cup milk, stepped in again - Whiteout has more milk.

Day three: Ginger sat down and that was the udder end.


mitchowl said...

Ha ha ha. You and Brenda both have such a great storytelling gene.
So are you going to do a stamp on Whiteout and the green Cheerio? *grin*

scott e said...

I don't know about the green cheerio. I have thought about it. It is a very uncomfortable topic for us men.