Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life in Lyman: Ginger

Ginger is our second goat. She is a Nigerian Dwarf and she likes to climb trees which can be dangerous if you are on a leash and fall out of the tree. Don’t worry, she is OK. 

She is not quite as friendly and her poops are bigger than Sweetpea’s. The only thing good about that is that we can send the kids out to pick up after her if they start fighting. It should make good fertilizer for the garden and gives our children a character building experience.

She came with a kid. His name is Whiteout and I will be introduce him a little later.

Ginger is a picky eater. Can you believe it? I have never heard of a goat being a picky eater. One reason that the goats found a home here anyway was to keep the lawn trimmed, but she won’t eat dandelions.


mitchowl said...

Ginger must be related to Gregory, the Terrible Eater.

I love your stamps. You always have such awesome ideas, unbooks, stamps, post-it note doodle a day. I need to come up with something like that.

scott e said...

I like choosing a format because then I don't need to decide that every time. The small format of stamps or post it notes allows for a new image everyday because it takes less time. Over time a series of small images makes a big piece. The stamp format is working well for me now.

fat celiac said...

Is Ginger truly a redhead? If so it would seem appropriate that she, with her delicate eating tastes, has come to your home. (:

Wish I could think of a tiny format I felt comfortable working on everyday.

Rubber stamps?