Friday, November 03, 2006

UnBrella is Available for Pre-order

Another small step forward. Last night I discovered that my book is now available at for pre-order.I logically know it is strange to be so excited about this, but it is my first book and it sure is fun. It makes the process of getting a book published feel like a reality. It takes so long to give birth to a book (longer than 9 months, and since I am a guy I should say not nearly as painful).

The original idea for the book came in a dream in April of 2005. I dreamed an image of a girl dressed in rain gear walking with an umbrella. Underneath the unbrella it was raining and she was splashing in puddles, but the rest of the image was a beautiful clear summer day. I woke my wife up, (I know, not nice) and asked her to help me remember this really cool dream. From April to late June I worked on the story idea and put together a dummy for a conference, (Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers, the very best workshop/conference I have ever attended) that I attended at Brigham Young University in Utah. At the workshop with Eric Rohmann, he an the class helped me workout a critical transition in the story.

Then it happened for me. Eric asked if he could take the story to show his publisher, Roaring Brook Press. Well of course I said as calmly as I could, but inside I was saying, "YES! YES!! YES!!! Within 2 months I had a contract and started working on finishing the art work. There were ups and downs in the process, but for the most part it was a fabulous experience. I delivered the final artwork on April 17, 2006. What a relief to have finished such a big project. Roaring Brook Press is an amazing publisher to work with, just amazing!

After the artwork was finished, the blues set in. I had been so occupied for several months with finishing the book and then all of a sudden It seemed like I had nothing to do. I couldn't come up with another story. There is a year wait between finished artwork and the publication date. "I don't want to be patient" (Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas)

And to finish where I started, I am on!

I am having a great day. I hope the same for you.


Jamie said...

I had the privilege to hear about your book this weekend at the Mazza Museum and I can't wait for it to be published in April. I am a children's librarian in Westlake and I will FOR SURE put it on our shelves!
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

It's about time I found your website!! Let me know when your book hits Barnes and Noble!! I want to touch it and buy one for all my kids!! Hope all is going well! --Tina the Ballerina (your cute aunt!)