Thursday, November 02, 2006

Howard: Gifted and Talented 2nd Grade Teacher

Introducing Howard. He teaches math to the gifted and talented 2nd graders. He was a gifted and talented 2nd grader himself. (It should be noted that his 3rd grade teacher was not able to see his gifts or talents and that was the end to his career as a gifted and talented student.) He picked teaching 2nd grade because it was the highlight of his life and now he is happy as a clam (whatever that means) because he will never again be required to advance to the 3rd grade and Mrs. Southwick. (When he was in 3rd grade he called her Mrs. Southwitch.) With this new job Howard is looking forward to 40 years as the best and most promising gifted and talented teacher in the 2nd grade at Midgrove Elementary School.

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