Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Rated "G" S.O.B.

A few weeks ago I was sitting with Tomie dePaola in a hotel in Los Angeles. He asked those of us at the table to relate embarrassing experiences that we have had. As always my mind went blank. So two weeks late, here is a moment from my life.

It was necessary for me to get some blood work at the local hospital. The young lady at the desk asked me why I was getting lab work done today. I said that I wasn't sure but that I have had the same tests done here before and asked her if she could look it up. After a bit of looking she said. "It says here S.O.B?" I was stunned. What could I have done to have someone write S.O.B. in my medical chart. After finishing the paper work I went to the lab. I couldn't get over it. I kept thinking back to the last visit and could not think why S.O.B. would be in my chart. I didn't remember being a problem or complaining during my last visit.

Needless to say I was really bugged about it by the time I arrived home. So I asked my wife, who is a nurse, if I had been grumpy or upset the last time I was at the hospital. She said that she couldn't remember me being upset and asked me why I wanted to know?

Well I don't know what I did but someone wrote S.O.B. on my medical chart and it really bothers me because I am sure that I behaved myself.

She busted out in laughter and when she finally caught her breath said that S.O.B. stands for Shortness Of Breath. Then, with great relief, I could laugh too.


shawn said...

that is so adorable!

I just discovered your website! Really enjoy your style and writings.

Anonymous said...


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