Monday, August 21, 2006

A Mummy

As an illustrator there are many that say it is important to have a consistent voice so that your work can be recognized and clients have some idea of what to expect. Well, I like to experiment and wanted to show some of the results. This image was created with a pen and ink drawing that was scanned and then colored digitally. I had fun adding textures to my brushes to create the patterns.


Benjamin said...

Those are the cutest mummies I've seen in my whole life.

Kactiguy said...

Cool technique. Looks good to me. I'd say it was a success.

Jody said...

My story is that I linked here a bit 'accidentally'. However, I believe things happen in life for a reason, so I scrolled down and read more posts. My kids LOVE Tomie dePaola, and they'd probably love your stuff too, if they had published works to see.
What I most wanted to say is that your kindergarten 'giraffe story' strcuk me. I can totally relate and wonder why so many well-intentioned people say the wrong things or squash dreams before they ver have a chance to be explored.
Mine happened as more of your bizarro griaffe story. (Isn't bizarro the Seinfeld word for opposite or reverse?) I was prepared to study English and writing and major in journalism in college- until after 3 weeks in my Lit class my professor still had nothing good to say about me or my work in class. I decided then and there that I must not have what it takes to study or be a writer.
Now, some years later, I am still grwoing and learning and have lived through some traumatic life experineces, including the death of my 4 year old little girl.
The best thing I have done in my grief and recovery, has been to write about my thoughts and feelings. Both in a private journal, and for the past several months, through my blog.
This is getting really long, I apologize, but now I get constant emails and comments, that I am a gifted writer, or that my stories are inspiring. I think sometimes, deep inside, we know ourselves the best. No matter what anybody else says. Stop by sometime...maybe I could get you to do a freelance illustration of me when I write my first book. That would be neat. =)

Jody said...

And next time I will proofread my comment so as not to have so many spelling errors. Ugh. Oh well.