Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Life in Lyman: Rooster Prayer

The prayer of a five-year old
I'm thankful for that we need to be nice to each other and help one another. Please bless the roosters so that when we eat them we won't get sick.
The chickens came in an even dozen. During the last few months we lost one to sickness and one to a cat. The ten that remain are healthy and doing well. As it turns out four to five of them are roosters and have started to crow. They are not very good at it yet, but they are getting better. We are trying to decide what to do with the roosters. Apparently my youngest daughter has been thinking about it as well.


mitchowl said...

Your daughter is a hoot! How could you not laugh when she said that?

When my dad found roosters in with his hens he would remove them from the cages and let them run around loose until he could get rid of them. Then I would go gather eggs and I would hear them crow, and I would crow back at them. I must have been a pretty good crower too, because a lot of time the rooster would then proceed to attack me. He didn't want to lose his harem of 15,000 chickens (even though he couldn't actually get AT any of them) to some brash young upstart, even though that brash young upstart was a human girl. Just warning you......

tusen said...

the prayer is priceless :)