Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Life in Lyman: Parrot Piñata

Two days before Halloween and the costumes are done. The kids wanted to be parrots and Brenda sewed long strips of material onto a sweatshirt to simulate feathers. The kids loved them and wore them all around the house. They did end up looking a bit more like a piñata than a parrot, but the kids didn’t care.

We went into town to the grocery store and the children were still wearing the costumes. Brenda and my 13 year old daughter happily dressed in her costume went in to the store.

Let’s review: 2 days before Halloween, 13 year old girl, costume made with bright colored fabric cut in long strips, waiting in the check out line. That is why it confused the young hispanic boy. He stared at her in disbelief and kept saying ¿Por Qué? ¿Por Qué? ¿Por Qué?

I want to know why myself.

Why would a 13 year old girl dress up like a piñata and go to the store? ¿Por Qué?


fat celiac said...

My theory here. At 13 you want desperately to both belong AND be different. The pinata would certainly work for the latter. (:

crazy lady said...

Now there's a girl after my heart! I have always loved Halloween. And no store bought costumes. Just ask Celiac about the family costume making tradition.
Por Que? Because you can!