Friday, June 19, 2009

Life in Lyman: Chicken Hypnotism

It’s not dead. It is just hypnotized. I can't believe it myself. All it takes is a chicken, the ground and a stick. Gently lay the chicken down on the ground. Draw an arch in the dirt around the head of the chicken and after a moment you can let go and the chicken will just lay there. My two oldest daughters are great hypnotists.

No animals were harmed in the creation of this stamp.


crazy lady said...

I've heard about chicken hypnosis - but having been attached by an overprotective brooding chicken growing up I was not about to spend more time around them than I was required...I'd like to see said technique.

mitchowl said...

There are many ways to hypnotize chickens. Their brains are so small that all you have to do is give them an overload of sensory or mental input and they zone out for a while. Our favorite methods including holding the chicken in both hands and swing it back and forth like a pendalum for a minute and then set it down, or to move your index finger to its nose and then pull back 4 or five times. Presto, hypno.
I love the stamps of the last few days, but especially today.

EmHy said...

Oh man,Scott your stamps as of late are ingenious! Hyrum and I laughed good and hard. Thank you! Your family really has given you some great material lately. I am going to have to check in here more often. If you need more flax we have plenty in our front bed and you can get some anytime.