Saturday, May 23, 2009

Life in Lyman in Stamps

Sweetpea is a new edition to our small but growing farm. She is a pygmy goat about 2 years old. She is fun to play with and when necessary she stands her ground. She likes to head butt her reflection in the sliding glass door. She may have kids in July but there is no way to tell because they are as tall as they are fat anyway. 

When she bleats she opens her mouth sticks her tongue out lets out a long quivering bleeeeeeeeeet. The quivering comes from the tongue. 

They have square slits for pupils. Strange but cool. Hopefully there will be some Sweetpea stories in the future of this blog. I love my wife. She keeps my life grounded with a surprise hear and there.


tusen said...

Sweetpea certainly is sweet :)
I love her tongue and the shiny eyes.

emiflute said...

Ha ha, I love it. The postmark is great. You might be able to mail a gnat on Sweetpea's back for the amount that stamp is worth, ha ha.

fat celiac said...

Oh, Sweetpea is a fav!

I have always loved your characterization. So strong.

I'm hoping for kids, just so we can see the resulting illustrations!