Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coloring a line in Photoshop (video tutorial)

I am experimenting with creating some video tutorials. Please let me know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of you. You only said "um" once!

Other than that I'd have your image fill more of the screen. When viewing the video at full screen it's hard to see what your doing. When you zoom I can see just fine in the video plays at the smaller scale.

Ward Jenkins said...

Very nice tutorial, Scott! This is exactly how I color my lines in PS. I talked about this on my blog a couple of years ago, but I still hadn't figured some of the process out just yet:

A How-to on Black & White

Glen Moyes said...

Good job. I glad you're making video tutorials.

If you plan on making a lot of these I'd recommend using Vimeo instead of YouTube; the standard definition videos are larger and compressed better, and even though the video player will have to be shrunk so it'll fit in your blog template, if you full screen the video you'll see the difference.

However, the best thing about Vimeo is that you can upload HD (1280x720) videos and watch them streamed in their native resolution, which is totally awesome for tutorials.

scott e said...

Thank you all for your advice. I am still working with the resolution and size issues. I am teaching Digital Illustration next semester and wanted to try and get all of my demos on line.

Ward, I really enjoyed your blog entry. I am looking forward to coming back to your blog soon and reading more.

Glen, I will look at Vimeo.

Jared, uh-uh-uh...

Kristina Werner said...

Oh. My. Word. I LOVE THIS! I absolutely loved it! There are so many tutorials online (believe me, I think I've watched nearly all of them), but this one...? Awesome!

I have to tell you, I can totally tell that you are a teacher, not just a random Photoshop user throwing out some tricks. I was able to follow what you were doing, and you explained everything so well. Serious props to you, Scott. You have a wonderful teaching style. :)

AND I'm totally forwarding on the video link to my co-workers. Each of us recently got Wacom tablets (Merry Christmas, all! Have a tablet!) so we're all on a digital illustration kick. :) This video will definitely come in handy.

Thanks again! I can't wait to see more of your videos! :)

crazy lady said...

Great timing!!! I was just talking to my daughter about how to color line art and said I knew there was a way but wasn't sure just "how". I am THRILLED! You walked through it very nicely and it was easy to follow along. Thanks SO much! I hope you'll be posing more. Yes, I'm selfish.
So glad you're doing well and gearing up for a Digital Illustration class next semester. Wish I could take it!
Thanks again!

scott e said...

Thank you for your feedback. It helps to know that someone is watching the tutorials. I know that I need to speak louder because when I showed it to Leon Parson he had to turn up his hearing aid.

Cheryl said...

Wow. That was smooth AND useful. It's true that when I went full screen I couldn't see well. But just as I esc'ed back you zoomed in and that was fine.
I wish I was having the class as well. Thanks!

Christina Forshay said...

That was so awesome! So much easier than I had been doing it all along!

One question: how did you get those tabs on your artboard? Are you using cs4 already?

Rhien Family said...

I'm interested in seeing any/all video tutorials you do for your digital illustration class.

If I could do my experience at BYU-Idaho over again, I would have taken that class from you.

Like the others said, I think the volume was a little low, and the resolution issues were a concern at full screen.

Let us know when you post more tutorials.

Mike Laughead said...

Great little demo. I assume that this is CS4 because I couldn't do what you did with CS3.

I agree with the others that a closer resolution would have made it perfect. Perhaps just zooming in on the image is all you need.

Becky said...

Good tip - I don't use my channels nearly enough! :)

Evan MacDonald said...

Amen to the vimeo tip. Much better than the tube. I know some people were talking about resolution and all, I generally change my screen resolution to 1024x768. It is harder to work in, but I think it makes everything large enough to see. The HD option my be better, however.

What screen record software do you use? I use IshowU. Good and affordable (and it can record in HD).

I have been wanting to make some tutorials. I generally use my screen record software to make little presentations for clients that are far away.

Manelle said...

Oi, that was totally useful! i can't wait to try it, and it reminds me of being in class. Good times!

Kristie Moss said...

I am so glad you are making tutorials. I enjoyed learning from your class and know I have a way to keep up on your awesome techniques. Thanks!

Good job! I like the tutorial. I also thought your Christmas presents turned out great!

Dylan said...

Wow. You should like teach this stuff for a living or something.

Wil Frohn said...

Hey Scott,

have you thought about making the resolution clearer? JK. I always show this trick to interns and it blows their minds every time. What are they teaching them in school?! I'll be interested to see other tutorials. A good brush tutorial, or a Scott Franson pattern tutorial would be nice. It was really good to see you at Tim's wedding.

Cassie said...

I love that there are patient people in this world who will make video tutorials that actually make sense! It's like I'm in your class again!



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