Friday, June 13, 2008

Colandar Girl

MISSING: Baby girl wearing a diaper and a t-shirt with a colander on her head. You heard me correctly, a colander on her head.

Based on a true story that has nothing to do with my sister:)

After a frantic search through the neighborhood the police were called in to solve the mystery of the missing toddler with a colander on her head. She was found about a mile away from her home near a busy street picking thorns out of her feet. She was on her way to the store to get some candy. The thorns stopped her from attempting to cross the busy road.

And though she was crying, she returned safely home to us with the colander still on her head.


becca said...

Yay!!! I'm so thrilled to see another UnBook! (As a former bucket-wearer, I can totally relate to this adventure).

Manelle said...

It reminds of a time we spent hours looking for my little brother. We looked all over the neighborhood and finally we found him asleep in the closet.
It's going to be an un-book best seller, I think.

tusen said...

Sweet story, and so great to see a new unbook :)

Julie in the studio said...

We have found many useful (one-time only) applications for a collander in our home. I must say that using it for a hat, as is the case with your colander girl here, was much more sanitary than scoopping away brown floaters from the kids bathtime adventures. Floating logs indeed!

Tracy said...

Cute!!!! I love your unbooks!

fat celiac said...

I'm sooooo thrilled to see you making things again!!!

Hurrah!!! Can't wait to see you and your non-yellow skin when I return to Idaho.