Thursday, December 06, 2007

X-cess Bug

Another Bug


Mike Laughead said...

I love this one. The bright colors are great.

Jennifer T. said...

Really great bug I like how it looks like it's on torn paper. Very colorful too!

Don Tate II said...

Very cool. Adobe Illustrator. Hey, the book looks great. Thanks again for the sample you gave me.

gail said...

Another cool bug Scott!

I got the print in the mail yesterday! Wow, the colors are amazing in real life. Just beautiful!

I posted about it and linked the post from your blog. Oh, and tagged you. If you want to join, just stop by. Thanks again!

Dylan said...

I'm loving these bugs. Is this the "George Lucas doesn't know when to stop" bug?

crazy lady said...

These are fantastic! I have been giving my students a drawing assignment for years which I call create a creature where they must combine characteristics from 5 different animals to make their own unique creatures and then they must place them in a habitat that would correspond to their appearance. It's amazing how different they are and how much the kids love making them.
I'm so glad I re-found your site thanks to my lovely sister CV who is finishing her sabbatical.
I am an admirer of your work from waaaayyy back to your Utah days.
Hope things get back on track for you soon!