Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Stories from my Mother

On Monday evening my family shared a nice dinner with my parents. As the meal came to a close one of my children asked the adults to tell an experience from when thy were young. My mother volunteered the following.

One day at church my mother noticed that my brother and I had big wads of gum. She asked us where we got the gum. To her horror, we responded, "The drinking fountain". Being the good mother she was the gum was quickly disposed of.

We had a good laugh and I can honestly say that I don't remember looking for and then chewing pre-owned gum as a child.

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Jen Hill said...

Your poor Momma!

One day at the NYC Central Park playground off of 96th Street, one of my friends asked me where my little one (who was 1) got her gum.

And much to my horror, realized that she had picked it up off the ground somewhere in Central Park!