Thursday, November 15, 2007

LOOKYBOOK, What do you think?

The site allows me to post complete books on my blog or website. See the sample of Craig Frazier's book below.

(click on the book to advance the page.)

This is a new web technology that allows online viewing of complete picture books. I am not sure I know what to think about this right now. There are pros and cons. I would like to hear what your opinions are regarding LOOKYBOOK.


Amy C. Moreno said...

It is fascinating. I hope there are good copyright protections on this, and that they only post books that authors, illustrator and pubs have OKd.

Timothy H said...

I like the idea. However I think its one thing to give a preview of a book, and another to show the whole thing from start to finish. I think it kinda cheapens the experience.

Eric Orchard said...

Interesting idea. I think if it caught on people would start wanting it with animated bells and whistles. It's like on line comics, a step away from animation.

Wendell said...

as one of the founders of Lookybook,i would like to personally welcome the participation of agents, authors, consumers, illustrators, librarians, publishers and anyone else who loves children's picture books to come visit our site and help us collectively re-energize this segment of the book industry.

come join us - come Lookybook!!

wendell laidley

p.s. rest assured, all the material posted on our site is done with the permission of the publisher.

Church Lady said...

Thanks for posting this on the SCBWI site!
I am so excited about this site! I think it's a great idea!!

Rhien Family said...

I wouldn't ever purchase a kids book unless I've read it already and I love it. I see this site as a preview to the bookstore where I would really hold the book in my hands and read it to decide if I liked it enough to buy it.

That said, I think since my wife hates library fines, and my daughter has a fascination with being at the computer, this site may be a great place for us to get stories for our 3 year old daughter.