Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In a Valley

My life in children's publishing has been in a confusing place for a while. One book is published and book number two has eluded me. I have one manuscript out to a publisher. When I sent it I felt really good about it but the longer the wait the less hope that I have that this book will be my second book. In addition, there are five book concepts that I like but still have major problems to solve. So here I am in the Valley of Publishing. It is hard to look forward and it is hard to tell how book number one is doing. So it is time for me to start climbing out of this valley.

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Shelbi and Bryant said...

I looked for your book in my library system Here in seattle. I believe we had like 8+ copies have were checked out 2 were in transit... Just thought that you'd like to know it looks like people liked it here :)