Wednesday, May 02, 2007

My Little Corner of KidLit

Why would anyone be interested in reading this!?!?. This is a question that I often ask myself after making a post to my blog or just before I erase a blog entry that I have just finished typing.

My experience in publishing for children is relatively small, but it is an experience. Right now I am in the "My first book is out and I hope it is doing well" and "I wonder if there will ever be a book number two?"

"My first book is out . . . "
Everyone asks how the book is doing and I actually have no idea. I think it is doing OK. The reviews were good and it is in 80 libraries. A new question is beginning to form, "What does it mean to me for a book to be successful?" I don't have the answer to this question either. There was a time when all I wanted was to get a book published and then I would be happy. Well, life just keeps going on and now I seem to want more.

"I wonder if . . ."
Book two is not as easy a one might think. Yes it is true that editors return your email and answer calls from you, but they are still looking for a book that will sell. I have had several book concepts rejected, but the emails have been nice and personalized. I am still wondering about book number two, but I will let you know as soon as I do.

That is the view for today from my little corner of KidLit.


Anonymous said...

I read your blog because when I look at other illustrator's blogs, I see too much of the same thing. Your artwork is unique. I miss your Friday Illustrations because you didn't just try to do something to showcase your art; you also showcased your ability to put a new spin on a topic.

Yep, the second (and third and . . .) books are almost as hard as the first one. But isn't it fun to try?


Anonymous said...

I love your un-books and often use them as a starting point for my brain if I am stuck on a similar project.

I have a couple of books out but I never check on how they are doing until I get my royalty cheque, I am too busy thinking about what will come next. I illustrate other people's books but now want to do my own which I am finding very hard to get started. Too many ideas!

I think success is defined in yourself. DId you do your best, were you pleased and can you hold it up in the air and shout about it? Did the kids like it and will they hold it up in the air and shout about it?