Friday, April 27, 2007

Un-Brella Book Trailer: An Encore

My good (blog/Illustration Friday) friend that I have never met, Kathy Weller, left the following comment on my blog.
Scott, I just happened upon your Un-brella "Trailer". WOW!!!!!!!! That is fabulous!!! It's gorgeous!!!
I know that she has visited my site many times and so it was a surprise to me that she had never seen the Un-Brella Book Trailer. And so here is is again. Kathy, this is for you!!

(The animation was done in Adobe AfterEffects)


Kathy Weller said...

LOVE IT!!!! Again and again!!! Wow, I've never used AfterEffects. I will have to read a little about it! I am now very curious - your animation is SO lovely!!!!!!! :)

Kim Buchheit said...

oh, scott, what a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL trailer! and, congratulations on your wonderful book... so gorgeous and original and very fine, indeed!