Thursday, April 05, 2007

Find it in a Library

Now that I am a "published" author I can check my ranking any time I want but I have come to discover that If I base my self esteem on the Amazon ranking I am doomed to a life of low self esteem. It is kind of like playing Tetris, at some point you loose no matter how good you are.

I have just discovered a better ranking than Amazon that is much kinder to my self worth. WorldCat: Find it in a Library shows you how many libraries your book is in. For me the number grows a by a few each day. I am happy to announce that 14 libraries have purchased my book. This is a statistic that I can feel good about.

The service also shows you how many miles you need to travel to check out the desired book. Currently I would need to drive 449 miles to Denver, CO to see a copy of my book on a library shelf.

For the moment at least, I don't need to worry that my ranking/self esteem will plunge.

Give it a try, Find Un-Brella, by Scott E Franson, in a Library near you.

1 comment:

Rhiens said...

Cool site, I have to travel 14 miles to see your book in Plano Texas. But I've already got a copy on order from Amazon. :)