Thursday, April 19, 2007

16 days old

It has been a strange 16 days. I counted down and waited for April 3, 2007, the birthday of my first book, Un-Brella. Here is what I have discovered . . . not much happens. The book seems to be doing well, it is in 46 libraries and growing each day. Friends and relatives have sent messages that their copies have arrived. I have had 2 book signings. Signing books makes me shake. I can't talk and write my name at the same time. It is really great to see the book on a store shelf. I wish that book #2 was under contract with a publisher. I want to make more books, I think I am addicted. I think everyone around me is tired of hearing about my book. I love to watch people smile when they read the book for the first time. I hold my breath when I watch someone read Un-Brella (don't worry I won't die because it is a 32 page wordless picture book). I am very satisfied when a reader discovers a tiny detail.

At this point I become a part of the crowd and the book is on it's own. I hope that it is to at least one child what "Old Black Witch" by Wende & Harry Devlin, was for me, hours of enjoyment in a happy and safe place.

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