Monday, February 26, 2007

Memory: Big Yellow Tonka Truck

Big Yellow Tonka Truck! Can you remember that? I loved my truck.

I grew up in a suburb of Ogden, Utah, called Washington Terrace in the early 70s. I can still remember the address 288 East 4525 South, Ogden, Utah. (I had to memorize my address in Kindergarten and I don't think I will ever forget it.) Well, back to the truck story. It isn't a funny or even important memory, just very a very pleasant place in my mind. As kids we would race our trucks around the block. We would stand back to back on one corner. On your mark—get set—go! (I always thought it was, On your mart—get set—go!) We went opposite directions from one another to avoid bumping into each other, pushing our big yellow Tonka trucks. The cracks in the sidewalk making a rhythmic click-clunk, click-clunking all the way around the block. The first one returning to the starting corner the winner. My life as a kid was pretty good.

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gail said...

Fun memory Scott! I still have a collection of my son's Tonka trucks gathering rust in the backyard. I just can't seem to part with them. Boy, did he love those trucks! (He's 15 now and will be driiving soon.)

Thanks for the memory,