Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Un-Brella News

Roaring Brook sent me two wonderful surprises today 2 hard bound copies of Un-Brella and the Spring 2007 Catalog. Every day the birth of Un-Brella is a step closer. It is so great to hold the finished book. (Not quite as good as a new baby, but pretty close) I have lived with this story for two years and now it is going out into the world on its own.

I was leaving my house on my way to my office at the University this afternoon and when I opened the front door there was a package from Roaring Brook Press. I thought it was the catalog and so I was very surprised to open the package and discover 2 perfect bound copies of Un-Brella. No one was home to share the joy with and so I headed for the school and showed it to some of my students. I hope when I look back at this book years from now I still like it.

I signed one of the copies for my wife Brenda to whom I dedicated the book. I couldn't have done the book without her help and encouragement. It was fun to give it to her! (I think I need to work on my signature though, and figure out where to sign Un-Brella).

Have a great day everyone, I am!

Happy Thanksgiving!


t.arave said...


Your new book looks great! You so talented. I can't wait to see the book.

Great blog and site too!

Anonymous said...

Yep! One of the joys of a new book is working on your sig and figuring out where it goes. As an illustrator, you didn't leave room--or design around the possibilities of signatures?