Monday, October 23, 2006

Another deja vu

So another day has arrived and I sit here wondering what my next book will be. I have been reading The Invisible Child, a book of talks and essays by Katherine Paterson. There are 2 talks about the challenges she faced trying to get her novels started. She published some of her initial ideas about books that she wanted to write. A lot of what she wrote were lists of questions about her characters and the situations that they were in. So I have decided that at the beginning of each day I will fill 3-11 x 17 pages with drawings, words or doodles, as a way to document the mess in my head. I know that there are more books but I have no idea at this point what they are. It doesn't feel like I am making very much progress at this point but without this stage there is no story. So another day has arrived (deja vu) and I sit here wondering...

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heather said...

Hi Scott,
You might want to check out Marion Dane Bauer's book, "What's Your Story?" It's for young adults, but I found it helpful. She has a whole chapter on ways to collect ideas. You might find it useful.