Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Well the other day my favorite publisher passed on a new story that I sent them. It was a nice letter and so I know I should be grateful, but I have really been in the dumps. The publishing business is like playing the board game Sorry. Just when you think you are making progress you get sent back to the beginning. I know, I know that this is how the game is played but right now it isn't fun. So today I am rummaging through my idea stash and trying to pick my next bet. I feel pretty good about some of the ideas but they just are not ready yet. So today I need to move one of the ideas a step closer to "ready". Best wishes to anyone else out there playing the game.


heather said...

Be encouraged Scott. It's better to have submitted and been rejected than to have never submitted at all. :)

Roz said...

I feel your pain, Scott, I really do.
Hang in there, when your next ms gets picked up , it will feel that much sweeter.